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About BigJuiceUK

Our QMS, EECBA Standard, and some faq's

Company Overview

BigJuiceUK is an E-Liquid Manufacturing company, specialising in the development, production and supply of Flavours and E-Liquids, to the consumer directly, and also supplying E-Liquids, Flavours, and its components separately to E-Liquid chains and shops around the UK. The company has grown vastly since it began in 2003 branching out alongside the E-Liquid industry in 2012, and the rise in demand for E-Cigarettes not only from a retail aspect but also as a replacement therapy for cigarettes has prompted the need for the industry to be regulated and monitored accordingly. At BigjuiceUK we create a product that meets all the standards required to enable it to be used safely by consumers. We pride ourselves on being one step ahead; this has enabled the business to thrive throughout the tough changes that have been thrust upon the industry in terms of TPD compliance.

BigJuiceUK has worked and become a member of EECBA to better understand the standards laid out in TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) article 20 and the expectations placed on the Company. We have a vested interest in customer satisfaction and have implemented a fully traceable system throughout the business to allow us to satisfy any enquiries regarding the standards of our products.

Every angle of the business contributes to the quality of the product produced, this is why we look to ensure that employees health and safety is well looked after, that our practices do not impact on the environment, right down to land fill and the safe disposal of our chemicals (waste management) and the selection process for our suppliers.

What is in our Liquid?

Our premix liquids we sell directly from our website to retail consumers comprise of 2 different ratios. Normal ready to vape 60PG/40VG, and then our Chasers which have a VG content of 80%

Do our liquids contain Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Acetoin, or Pantenadione2,3?

No. BigjuiceUK has a thorough testing program in place, and the majority of our results are available in PDF format to download or view next to the E-Liquid flavour. This program will be complete in 2016.

Do we sell own branded white label wholesale?

BigjuiceUK proudly supplies direct to over 100 E-Cigarette retail outlets in the UK with Bigjuice brand, and OEM E-Liquid. We also supply Concentrates, Nicotine and many other ingredients to other wholesale outlets who in turn supply a vast number of retail outlets throughout the UK and EU, making BigJuiceUK a key supplier to the Electronic Cigarette Industry. The chances are, if you have not tried a BigJuice Bottle, you would have tasted one of our flavours in someone's branded E-Liquid!

What ratio should I mix my concentrates at?

All Bigjuice concentrates can be mixed at between 10% and 20% dependent on your taste, with the exception of Cinnamon and Coffee flavours, these should be mixed at a lower ratio between 3-5%

I have a question to ask how do I get in touch?

Feel free to call us on 01262 228998 Mon-Fri 8.30-5pm. Alternatively email us at