STEP 1 – (Total liquid) Enter the amount of juice you want to make!

STEP 2 – (Flavour %) If you have bought your flavours from us, locate it on our website, and you will find the best % in the product description. This is only a guide, and you may prefer more or less.

STEP 3 – (Nicotine Conc) This is the level of nicotine you will be using to make your juice with, Check your bottle to see if it is 72mg, 54mg, etc, and enter this value here.

STEP 4 – (Desired Conc) This is the desired strength you want your liquid to be when you have finished, If you normally vape a 3mg, then enter that value here.

STEP 5 – Look on the right hand side to see your recipe! Mix those ingredients together to get your Juice! – Remember to shake well before use, especially if you are making a high VG juice.

If you like experimenting with ratios, or are more confident, try using our advanced mode, which will help in terms of working with VG nicotine, and High VG (Chaser) flavours.


Most of BigJuice flavours are good to go, and while steeping is a personal preference, it is common practice, and does also help develop flavours. If you do want to steep, then take your finished liquid, let a little air in, replace the cap, and store in a cool dark place. Note – Custards really develop well over the course of weeks rather than days.